Lovekins Period Care

Take care of yourself with Lovekins' range of natural organic feminine hygiene products. Choose from ultra thin to ultra dry pads, liners, sanitary pants and feminine foaming wash. Find out which product is most suited to your flow by exploring our range of safe period care products below.

At Lovekins, we are focused on helping all future generations of women be confident and healthy - especially during their period.

Featured Product

Period Care Sanitary Pants

Ultra absorbent sanitary pants

Lovekins Sanitary Pants are a disposable brief that can be worn to manage heavy periods or postpartum recovery. Luxuriously soft Australian Cotton is woven into a breathable top sheet for added comfort. We use SlimTech ™ innovation to bind the layers in the core of the Sanitary Pant without the use of nasty chemicals or glues, making them super absorbent. Fully enclosed elastics around the legs and 360-degree stretchy waistband creates a contoured fit that feels like wearing a pair of underwear. Our Sanitary Pants are perfect for postpartum, heavy flows, or to wear overnight.

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One Size Fits Most, best suited for waists measuring 50-100cm.


SlimTech ™* Core, Australian Cotton that is pure, safe and soft, Absorbs 40 x its weight 0.1cm Ultra-thin, Hypoallergenic Non-Toxic Certified for sensitive skin.

Lovekins Ultra Thin Pads + Liners

Lovekins award winning range of pads are vegan, Non-Toxic Certified, Made Safe, and free from nasty chemicals or dyes.

Australian Cotton

Naturally absorbent, Australian Cotton is hypoallergenic, soft to touch and breathable. The moisture-wicking fibre provides your skin with the ultimate comfort while discouraging bacterial growth.

Innovative Design

SlimTech ™* Core; Absorbs 40 x its weight, 0.1cm Ultra-thin design; Strong backing and secured wings to stay in place; Contoured design for the perfect fit; Extra-long design to protect from leaks.

Designed in Australia

Our Australian team carefully designs all of our products and tests them rigorously on our families and friends to ensure they are of the highest quality. The Pads and Liners are made responsibly in China in a factory that our founder has personally reviewed and uses innovative technology that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Lovekins Pads Manufacture

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Lovekins Period Care Products

At Lovekins, we believe in offering care and support to women everywhere; this drove us to create our range of ultra thin Sanitary Pads and safe feminine hygiene products.


Our range includes Regular Pads, Super Pads, Night Pads and Daily Panty Liners as well as a luxurious Feminine Foaming Wash.


Our range is designed in Australia by women, for women, with comfort and protection in mind. Our products are hypoallergenic, free from nasty chemicals + dyes, Non-Toxic Certified, Made Safe and endorsed by The Australian College of Midwives.


Lovekins Ultra Thin Pads use SlimTech ™ technology. Unlike other sanitary pads on the market, each layer of our Pads are fused together using heat instead of glue and SAP, meaning no harsh chemicals to irritate intimate areas. Each Pad is 0.01cm thick and able to absorb 40 times its own weight. We proudly use Australian Cotton on the top sheet, making our Ultra Thin Pads extraordinarily soft and a strong backing + wings keeps them securely in place.

Lovekins Ultra Dry Sanitary Pads use DryShied ™ core innovation. A diamond-shaped weave in the top sheet combined with Liquid-Lock ™ technology draws liquid away from the body and locks it into the core of the Pad, meaning no unwanted odours or dampness. The breathable and flexible layer contour to the body, leaving you feeling fresher for longer. We proudly design our Pads in Australia, and they are made responsibly in China. 

Lovekins pH balanced feminine wash

To add some extra care down there, we recommend our pH balanced Feminine Wash. The Gynecologically tested  foaming wash designed to clean the skin around the vulva. Aloe Vera calms and soothes the skin, and Kakadu Plum’s naturally antibacterial properties remove germs and unwanted odour.


Self care is about the  small  meaningful  changes  you  make  to  your  routine to improve your health and wellbeing. Just like having good bacteria in our gut, having a balanced flora and maintaining the hygiene of our vulva is important to good health. When your vaginal ecology is disrupted, you may experience annoying discharge, odours and even infections. We don’t often think about self care down there, but it’s more important than you may think.


Lovekins is a Champion of Change Business, proudly supporting Share The Dignity as they strive to end period poverty.

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What is Period Poverty and how can we help

Learn about period poverty and what we can do to help support women around the world.
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