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Explore our beautiful range of products that supports you and your family from day one. We have you covered from nappies, baby skincare, period care, pregnancy skincare to home cleaning products. Join us to live a Lovekins life from the newborn period to parenthood.

Premium Crawler Nappies 50

Premium crawler nappies

25 reviews
50 /  $19.69
Premium Infant Nappies 58

Premium infant nappies

20 reviews
58 /  $19.69
Premium Newborn Nappies 68

Premium newborn nappies

9 reviews
68 /  $19.69
Premium Toddler Nappies 40

Premium toddler nappies

20 reviews
40 /  $19.69
Ultra Thin Pads (Regular) 10

Ultra thin pads (regular)

105 reviews
10 / $4.26  $2.99
Night Nappies (L) 38

Night nappies (l)

10 reviews
38 / $24.70  $19.76
Baby Hair + Body Wash 250ml

Baby hair + body wash

7 reviews
250ml /  $25.02
Ultra Thin Pads (Night) 6

Ultra thin pads (night)

11 reviews
6 /  $4.26
Ultra Thin Pads (Super) 8

Ultra thin pads (super)

89 reviews
8 /  $4.26
Night Nappies (XL) 34

Night nappies (xl)

3 reviews
34 /  $24.70
Baby Massage Oil 100ml

Baby massage oil

100ml /  $20.73
Baby Nappy Cream 80g

Baby nappy cream

4 reviews
80g /  $17.86
Ultra Thin Daily Liners 18

Ultra thin daily liners

13 reviews
18 /  $2.83
Baby Body Moisturiser 250ml

Baby body moisturiser

6 reviews
250ml /  $25.02
Premium Walker Nappies 36

Premium walker nappies

11 reviews
36 /  $19.69
SPF30 Baby Sunscreen 80g

Spf30 baby sunscreen

3 reviews
80g /  $24.31
SOS Rescue Cream 30ml

Sos rescue cream

36 reviews
30ml /  $11.42
Ultra Dry Pads (Regular) 8

Ultra dry pads (regular)

1 review
8 /  $2.83
Ultra absorbent sanitary pants 2

Ultra absorbent sanitary pants

5 reviews
2 /  $3.79
Ultra Dry Pads (Super) 6

Ultra dry pads (super)

1 review
6 /  $2.83
Nipple Balm 15g

Nipple balm

1 review
15g /  $15.72
Sanitiser Spray 50ml

Sanitiser spray

1 review
50ml /  $7.12
Feminine Foaming Wash 150ml

Feminine foaming wash

2 reviews
150ml /  $15.00
Multi Surface Spray 200ml

Multi surface spray

200ml /  $7.84
Ultra Dry Pads (Night) 4

Ultra dry pads (night)

4 /  $3.22
Trial Nappy Night (L) 1

Trial nappy night (l)

1 / $0.86  $0.43
After Birth Spray 50ml

After birth spray

50ml /  $25.02
Stretch Mark Oil 90ml

Stretch mark oil

16 reviews
90ml /  $35.76
Stretch Mark Cream 150ml

Stretch mark cream

9 reviews
150ml /  $35.05
Trial Nappy Night (XL) 1

Trial nappy night (xl)

1 / $0.86  $0.43
DryProtect™ Junior Nappy Pants 28

Dryprotect™ junior nappy pants

28 /  $18.11
Baby Bliss Gift Box

Baby bliss gift

box /  $57.24
Perineum Massage Oil 30ml

Perineum massage oil

30ml /  $25.02
DryProtect™ Walker Nappies 36

Dryprotect™ walker nappies

36 /  $19.69
DryProtect™ Youth Nappy Pants 26

Dryprotect™ youth nappy pants

26 /  $18.11
DryProtect™ Trial Infant Nappy Pack 3

Dryprotect™ trial infant nappy pack

3 /  $2.15
DryProtect™ Trial Newborn Nappy Pack 3

Dryprotect™ trial newborn nappy pack

3 /  $2.15

Lovekins vision is to improve the health and happiness of women and babies by empowering them with unique Australian products

Featured Product

Baby Bliss Gift Box
Gift Box Gift Box

Baby Bliss Gift Box

The perfect opportunity to elevate your gift giving is here! Our Baby Bliss Gift Box is filled with the baby skincare essentials every parent needs for their little one. Delivered in a beautifully designed Lovekins gift box and using 100% recyclable packaging.

or make 4 interest-free payments of $14.31 AUD fortnightly with

Baby Bliss Gift Box

Our Baby Bliss Gift Box contains the following products:

Baby Body Moisturiser

Our amazing baby body moisturiser is enriched with Kakadu Plum and many other essential ingredients to protect, calm, hydrate and soften your child's delicate soft skin.

Baby Hair + Body Wash

The calming and grounding blend of ingredients in our baby hair + body wash protects, soothes and gently cleanses and softens your child's hair and skin.

Baby Massage Oil

Our baby massage oil has been specially formulated with ingredients to relax, calm and soothe the senses.

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Ultra Thin Pads (Night) 6

Ultra thin pads (night)

11 reviews
6 /  $4.26
Baby Body Moisturiser 250ml

Baby body moisturiser

6 reviews
250ml /  $25.02
After Birth Spray 50ml

After birth spray

50ml /  $25.02
DryProtect™ Youth Nappy Pants 26

Dryprotect™ youth nappy pants

26 /  $18.11

Evolution of a Lovekins Customer

At Lovekins, we strive to empower and grow with you. 


We support women during their periods with toxic free pads and dynamic body care, enabling them to be confident through their cycles. Our natural body care is suitable for all skin types and a great option for those opting for a clean lifestyle. We understand that self-care can be challenging as parenthood commences.


Our Pregnancy Specialty Skincare was created to support changing bodies, and our Professional Birth Care Products were formulated to assist with prenatal preparation and postpartum recovery. The period pants help mothers manage postpartum bleeding in the healing period. As you welcome a new life, you learn that baby’s skin is highly permeable, prone to moisture loss and requires more hydration to combat skin irritations.


Lovekins Baby Skincare is developed with sensitive skin in mind and infused with pure and eczema-safe ingredients to gently cleanse and strengthen delicate skin barrier. Between the age of 0-4+ years, Lovekins Ultra Soft and Dry Nappies and Nappy Pants support little ones through milestones such as tummy time, rolling, crawling, walking, running and toilet training. As they grow to be more independent and learn to self-feed, sensory play and explore their surroundings, the family shares more messy moments where plant-based home cleaning products are important to keep surfaces and skin safe from harmful germs.


Our goal is to help families thrive with natural, Australian body and home care that you can trust. Explore our range of vegan and toxic-free products designed to support you and your family every day through life.  

Featured Blog

The power of being a parent!

The power of being a parent!

Parenting doesn’t always feel powerful, does it? We usually feel vulnerable, inadequate, exhausted. Read more in today's blog.
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