Self Care Rituals, 10 of our favourite tips!

Self-care is extremely necessary, mama’s! We know it can be much easier said than done! Midwife Aliza Carr shares a few helpful ways to relax.
Self Care Rituals, 10 of our favourite tips!
2020 - 08 - 15

Self-Care Sunday: 10 Ways to Simply Relax

Self-care is extremely necessary, mama’s! We know it can be much easier said than done – but know this, you are important and you are worth it. Our resident midwife shares a few helpful ways in which you can escape and enjoy 5 minutes doing something just for you every day.

Call/message a Friend

Sometimes a friendly voice is all it takes to cheer you up and make you feel re-energized. Call a friend and talk about you and how you’re really feeling.


It’s not often mums get to read anything other than Dr. Seuss, but it’s time to allow your mind to escape into those pages. While the baby or kids nap, if you can steal 15 minutes or longer – a design mag, cookbook, adventure novel – get reading!


Exercising, light or heavy, releases endorphins, the feel good hormones within your brain, which tend to make you feel more confident, energised, happy, and relaxed. Whether you do a HIIT workout for 10 minutes or a few Pilates exercises, find the time everyday to work on you physically – because you deserve it (and it’s good for you ;).

self care rituals

Take a Hot Bath

If you’re like most moms, you can be found longing for the days of (hot) bubble baths. Well, it’s time to make that happen for you again, mama. Turn that tap, add extra bubbles, and enjoy a 15-30 minute soak at naptime or when everyone is asleep. Indulge yourself, light a candle or two while you’re at it.

Take a Walk

Fast or slow, a walk can really help improve your mood, clear your mind and help you feel re-centered. An early sunrise walk, or at dusk when the sun paints the sky pink, is just magical.

Listen to Music…and sing!

When was the last time you really cranked up the radio and sang as loud as you could? Turn up that music mama, trust me it feels so good!

Watch a Movie

When the little ones are put to bed, find a good movie, grab your favorite snack and… relax! There’s nothing like finding a good film. Why not plan your movie night ahead of time, so you have something to look forward to.

self care rituals

Do Something That Makes You Laugh

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Watch funny videos, listen to a joke, or make silly faces and laugh along with your baby, it’s all food for the soul – do it as often as you can!

Start a Journal

Don’t be afraid, just go for it! Anytime you’re happy, sad, depressed, hopeful and any plans you want to make, get it down so you don’t forget. A wonderful token to reflect back on in years to come. If you feel unsure, try something different. Write letters to your baby that they will one day read and treasure!

Take a Nap

If you’re tired, sleep! There is no shame in taking a nap when the baby takes one. The housework can wait, it’s not going anywhere. Listen to your body, rest.

Whatever you decide to do, do it with all you’ve got! Take a deep breath, be present in that chosen activity. Use the time wisely, mama. Pencil this ‘me’ time into your diary. You time for yourself every. single. day. It’s necessary.

Tell us some of your most loved self-care tips!

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