Period with a Purpose

In May, with every pack of pads sold, we will pay it forward and donate a pack of pads to a women’s shelter. Join us to make a bloody big difference!

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Lovekins Baby Skincare

Discover our beautiful Baby Skincare range! Australian made, toxic-free + developed for sensitive skin.

Baby Skincare

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Lovekins vision is to improve the health and happiness of families by offering them unique Australian products they can trust.

Premium Walker Nappy Pants 32

Premium walker nappy pants

1 review
32 / $18.16
Ultra Thin Pads (Regular) 10

Ultra thin pads (regular)

104 reviews
10 / $4.27
Baby Hair + Body Wash 250ml

Baby hair + body wash

5 reviews
250ml / $25.09
DryProtect™ Walker Nappy Pants 32

Dryprotect™ walker nappy pants

32 / $18.16
Stretch Mark Cream 150ml

Stretch mark cream

9 reviews
150ml / $35.13
Feminine Foaming Wash 150ml

Feminine foaming wash

1 review
150ml / $15.04
Multi Surface Spray 200ml

Multi surface spray

200ml / $7.86

Our products harness the healing power of Australian Indigenous ingredients and new-found innovations to create products that are kind to you and the planet.

Period Care Range

At Lovekins, we believe in offering care and support to women everywhere; this drove us to create our range of ultra thin Sanitary Pads and safe feminine hygiene products.

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