5 Reasons why Lovekins Nappies are the best on the market

5 Reasons why Lovekins Nappies are the best on the market
2021 - 07 - 22

One of the many things that we only learn through parenthood is that the phrase "sleep like a baby" is the biggest oxymoron of all time. Whoever coined this probably scored the newborn sleep lottery, leaving the rest of us feeling a bit helpless.

While you adjust to the sporadic sleep pattern of your newborn, you start to grasp your baby's cues and needs. You quickly realise that one factor of a fuss-free baby is actually within your control.

Nappies. You need something that can keep your baby dry, comfortable and rash-free. Upon research with trial and error, you discovered Lovekins, and you wonder if the toxic-free nappies could really be the game changer.

Ahead, 5 reasons why the Lovekins nappies are loved by so many babies and parents:

1. The design - thin, sleek, and practical

When many of us first laid eyes on the Lovekins nappies, we were astonished by how thin they are. I’ll admit, when I first saw them, I thought “How could that possibly work?!”, but trust me, they surpass ALL expectations. The nappies are extremely lightweight and compact, making them easy to store in both nurseries and mum bags. More importantly, no bulkiness indicates a better fit on your baby.

The minimalist pattern on the nappies certainly caught our attention. While these nappies are Instagram-ready, the design is more than meets the eyes. The Lovekins Nappies are equipped with a wetness indicator, providing clear guidance as to when the nappies need to be changed.

Talk about a nappy that is all looks AND substance.

lovekins nappies

2. Made with Australian cotton

A nappy is constantly in close contact with your baby's delicate skin - think of it as the one clothing item they sport 24/7. Babies' skin is sensitive and up to five times thinner than an adult - this is why the softness of the Lovekins nappies makes them a great option for your child. Made with natural Australian cotton, the Lovekins Nappies are designed to ensure breathability and luxurious comfort for the babies' soft skin. This means less redness, itching, discomfort and most importantly, less tears and tantrums.

lovekins nappies

3. The absorbency - say good bye to leaks and rashes!

Being a time-poor parent trying to manage work, family, and life admin all at once, the last thing you need would be the endless loads of laundry due to nappy leakage. The Lovekins nappies features an ultra-absorbent core technology that instantly distributes and absorbs liquid, keeping babies' skin dry to touch while preventing discomfort from rewetting. The leak guards in the leg area helps to secure against spillage and achieve better liquid containment. Less leaks = less washing.

An absorbent nappy is the key to avoiding nappy rashes. In most cases, rashes are caused by skin irritation from prolonged exposure to excess moisture and stool. It is also a good preventative measure to use a zinc oxide-based cream like the Lovekins Nappy Cream to create a natural barrier against soiled nappy.

The Lovekins nappies are tried and tested - watch the video to see for yourself!

4. Contoured fit for flexible movements

If you're like us, you may have developed trust issues with nappies that expand in size, sag, and ultimately result in leakage issues as your little one learns how to move. The Lovekins Nappies offers a 360° stretchy waistband that moulds perfectly to your baby's body, leaving no marks while snugly catering to their increased mobility. The easy-to-tear sides are designed for a hassle-free change-time, especially when your child is starting to crawl, walk, climb or even worse, run!

5. Vegan and toxic-free

At the end of the day, the safety of our children will always be our biggest concern. For parents who are after peace of mind, look no further.

The Lovekins Nappies are made without chlorine, fragrance, and toxic dyes. Created with your child's wellbeing and comfort in mind, the product development process consisted of intensive research, meticulous testing, and active conversations with our customers and hospital partners. These nappies are Vegan Australia Certified and Safe Cosmetics Australia Certified Toxic-Free. Using Lovekins, you can rest assured knowing that you've selected the best nappies for your baby.

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