Our resident midwife discusses bleeding after birth, what to expect?

If this is your first baby, you might not have expected or know too much about bleeding after birth. Learn more in this blog by midwife Aliza Carr from Bumpnbub.
Our resident midwife discusses bleeding after birth, what to expect?
2020 - 09 - 19

*Please note, this is general advice and should not replace the advice of your trusted medical professional.*

Firstly, congratulations on your newborn baby! Welcome to motherhood, Mama.

At Lovekins, we aren’t just passionate about creating high quality, natural products we are also driven by providing education to our customers.

Our resident midwife feels it’s very important for women to be educated about their bodies, especially surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

If this is your first baby, you might not have expected or know too much about bleeding after birth. Regardless of if you had a cesarean section or a vaginal birth you will experience bleeding during the postnatal period. However, with a C-section, your bleeding may be less and decrease at a quicker rate. During this time, you will be wearing pads.

bleeding after birth

Here is a bit of information for you Mama:

After birth, it is normal to bleed for up to 4-6 weeks, this bleeding is actually called lochia. The first 3-5 days will be the heaviest, during this time your midwife or OB will monitor your blood loss every day to make sure it looks normal and is slowly lessening. Your bleeding during these first few days is generally bright red and may have some small clots to it. Anything bigger than the size of a 20 cent piece should be shown to your midwife.

Generally, each day your bleeding will lessen, and go from bright red to pink/brown. After 1-2 weeks, this bleeding is generally very light and is often just spotting.

It is important after birth, to only use pads, and avoid tampons.

If at any point, you feel your bleeding is heavier, thicker or worrying or you are feeling dizzy or short of breath, immediately call your health provider and head to the hospital, accompanied by someone. Postpartum hemorrhage (excessive bleeding after birth, of more than 500mls in total) occurs in about 5% of all women, this normally occurs during the first 24 hours after birth, however, can occur up until 12 weeks postpartum.

bleeding after birth

We know Lovekins pads will protect you during this sensitive time. Lovekins pads are completely natural, made using Australian cotton and the highest quality ingredients as well as being certified vegan and toxic-free, especially important at such a delicate time in your life Mama. At Lovekins, we know that every woman is different. We have created four variations of pads. We have Night, Regular, Super and Daily Liners. We recommend our Night and Super to postpartum Mama’s.

Written by midwife Aliza Carr, from Bumpnbub.

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