baby massage oil 100ml

A naturally luxurious massage oil that nourishes and hydrates the skin. Bond with your little one using our Massage Oil containing a vitamin-rich blend of Jojoba, and Grapeseed Oil. The scents of Australian Blue Cypress and Lavender essential oils relax and calm the senses. Suitable for use on all skin, including eczema-prone skin.

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100 ml
Main ingredients
Kakadu Plum, Jojoba Oil, Australian Blue Cypress
How to use
Apply a few pumps to your hands and rub palms together to warm the oil. Then, using gentle pressure, massage legs, torso, chest and back. Use more oil if necessary to ensure your hands glide smoothly over your baby’s skin. Perfect to use after bath time in conjunction with Lovekins Baby Hair + Body Wash and Baby Body Moisturiser.

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The Ingredients

Kakadu Plum
Native to Australia, this ancient superfood has the highest source of Vitamin C on the planet. It contains antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties to help maintain skin health.
Jojoba Oil
This lightweight oil is the closest botanical to our skin’s natural oil. It contains antioxidant, antibacterial, omegas and multivitamin properties that help to maintain hydration while calming irritation or sensitivity.
Australian Blue Cypress
Grown in the Northern Territory, the blue coloured guaiazulene has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antipyretic, anti-allergenic and anti-viral benefits, which restore, refresh and protect delicate skin. The unique scent creates a sense of calm to help destress and self-care.
More ingredients

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Main Ingredients

SymRelief®, Calendula + Gotu Cola

Honouring ancient indigenous ingredients, Lovekins baby skincare products harness the healing power of Australian nature

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