A love story between a mother, her babies, and her land.

About the Lovekins Story and Company

By Amanda Essery, Founder of Lovekins.


My search for a natural, Australian skincare solution that could heal my baby’s eczema

As a 6th generation Australian Chinese, I was born and raised in Darwin in the Northern Territory. I grew up with fresh air, clean water and organic produce bought regularly from the farmers at the local markets. This was how I saw the world and how I expected to spend the rest of my life – living in a healthy environment and eating healthy, organic foods.

We expected our food to be organic and free from chemicals, it was simply a part of our lives. Little did I know how much impact this would have on the course of my life.


A natural approach to city living

As an adult I moved to the ‘big smoke’ and worked in the corporate environment for over 17 years. I quickly realised my new world was very different to the one that had nurtured and protected me when I was young.

We now live in a fast paced society, where we have little time to assess our lifestyle choices. We are surrounded by processed foods and skin products that are full of chemicals.

Living a healthy lifestyle became even more important to me when I fell pregnant with my first child, Ethan. During my pregnancy, I made sure that I ate clean, fresh food; including a special Chinese herbal diet to nourish my unborn baby. I attended a skincare course to learn how to source natural ingredients that I could use at home.

When he was born, my son Ethan thrived with the natural goodness of these homemade skincare products.


A mother’s drive to find natural skincare products that worked

After I gave birth to Heidi, my second child, she developed eczema.

For those of you who have a baby with eczema, you know how horrible it is for your poor baby, who’s so itchy and uncomfortable. It affects their sleep, their feeding and you’re desperate to fix it.

I became passionate about sourcing natural products that would soothe and heal her delicate baby skin. The doctors could only offer steroid creams that provided temporary relief. They didn’t address the cause of the problem.

I found that my own homemade skincare recipes, combined with a healthy diet, helped Heidi more than the pharmaceutical creams ever could.

This was the point when I realised that something had to change and it became the driving force behind Lovekins. I wanted to design a range of baby skincare products, which contained ingredients that were naturally derived and uniquely Australian.

Choosing the Kakadu Plum as a main ingredient in the Lovekins range was deeply meaningful for me. The Kakadu Plum comes from the Northern Territory, my birthplace and a core part of my identity. It’s a part of me, and part of our land. I felt it connected me and my baby to each other and to our land.

Through Lovekins, I want to empower families to help keep their baby’s skin healthy and thriving. My mission is to give parents a pure, natural, Australian skincare range they can trust.

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LOVEKINS debuts at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2018

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