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Utlising Australia’s first Non-Adhesive Core Pad Technology, Lovekins Ultra-Thin Night Pads are made with luxuriously soft Australian Cotton woven into breathable layers for exceptional comfort. Our Night pads will keep you fresh, dry and protected with extra length and superior absorbency for better sleep.


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Our eco-friendly pads will keep future generations of women to be healthy and confident.

- 0.1cm ultra thin pad
- Extra breathable layers to stay fresh and dry
- Flexi-bod contoured design for the perfect fit
- Multi layer backing and secured wings for leak control
- Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin

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    Feel comfortable using it

    It was interesting to feel the packet at first sight. Never thought that super thin would give great night time protection, as Ive been used to using thicker pads for night time use in the past. These pads gave me great protection (apart from an odd little stain, as I toss and turn a fair bit in bed during my ******) at night time. I will definitely use these pads again when in need of a natural disposable pad.

    So absorbent!

    These lovekins night pads are absolutely amazing! I was a bit skeptical when I opened the pack as they are so thin but wow are they absorbent! These pads are comfortable and you can’t really tell that you are wearing one. The pads themselves are quite big but makes me feel protected overnight. I wore these during the nights of my last period and didn’t have a single leak. I found these pads were more absorbent than other brands that I usually use. I would definitely recommend these pads if you are looking for effective overnight protection.

    Very absorbent

    I received Lovekins Ultra Thin Night Pads during Lovekins events. Its actually the first time I heard of this brand and I am looking forward to try them. I use the pad at night. Its very thin, scentless, comfortable, breathable and absorbent. I also havent actually find any other cotton pads that is ultra thin that works really well at the moment and Lovekins is nailing this one! The packed of 6 price at $6.50. Its quite expensive but Ill stock up during sales.

    Remarkably thin!

    I received these pads at the Lovekins Trial Team event. It was great to learn more about the product and that the cotton used is Australian sourced. There is a perforation at the end of the outer packaging that makes it easy to open once you find it. The pads are amazingly thin and long. They are as thin as the Lovekins regular and super pads - which are thinner than any other pad Ive used. Each pad is individually wrapped and there is a sticky tape closing each pad. I found this sticky tape tricky to remove. Because the pad is so long and tapers out to cover your bum at the end, there are additional sticky wing tabs at the back that attach to the inside of your undies as well as the regular ones. The backing for these tabs are attached to the wrapper so you dont accidentally drop any rubbish. To be honest, I found these a bit too long/wide at the back. The size makes it a little bit awkward to unwrap and place in your underwear. The thinness means you hardly notice theyre there. They are extremely absorbent and I can now go to bed confidently without placing a towel under my bum to catch leakages like Ive done on occassion. They would be great for maternity use also.

    Ultra thin!

    I was lucky to be on the trial team for this awesome product! Great packaging - which is so non-fussy and the plastic used is soft so it doesnt make noise allowing you to take one out of the package discreetly. Surprisingly ultra thin and lightweight- but are very absorbent, giving you comfortable nights. Pad stays in place. Great size- love their size, they are quite large and give greater coverage and protection for those heavy night flows. No nasty odours- yes , I found them odour-free. My only complaint is the little sticker while opening the individual pad doesnt come off easily making it tear which then makes disposing abit of hassle. Just wish it opened easily and could stick well while disposing the pad.