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Utlising Australia’s first Non-Adhesive Core Pad Technology, Lovekins Ultra-Thin Regular Pads are made with luxuriously soft Australian Cotton woven into breathable layers for exceptional comfort. Our Regular pads will keep you fresh, dry and protected during the day for light to moderate flow.



Our eco-friendly pads will keep future generations of women to be healthy and confident.

- 0.1cm ultra thin pad

- Extra breathable layers to stay fresh and dry

- Flexi-bod contoured design for the perfect fit

- Multi layer backing and secured wings for leak control

- Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin

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    Kira L.
    Australia Australia

    I love these! they are super thin and breathable. i love that they are non toxic and organic. will definitely be buying again

    Super comfortable, feels like wearing nothing at all

    These are hands down the comfiest set of sanitary pads that I have used so far. I have switched to pads ever since I had a baby since last thing on my mind is not taking off the ****** and exposing myself to TSS with a demanding toddler at home. There are a lot of pros about Lovekins regular pads which made them my Go To Pads; 1. They are slightly longer than other Regular pads, maybe that is how I felt (not too long but slightly so it fits well and does not leak when I am out and about 2. The wings stay in place and dont fold so there is no staining on the sides 3. They are super thin so it feels like wearing nothing at all 4. They are quite absorbent, having said that it also depends on your flow, during heavy flow, I use the super/ nights one which gives extra protection against leaks 5. The glue which sticks the pad to the clothing is quite gentle and does not leave any residue behind 6. Love the packaging, its so light and well wrapped and fits even inside the wallet/ pocket, I dont have to carry a bag around The only con is the price, these are expensive as compared to other pads available in the market, it would be great if the price could be brought down a bit because otherwise it is a fab product.

    Very comfortable

    I received this product in a BH event and was very eager to give this a go. I have had issues in the past when I changed brands of sanitary pads because of the chemicals used in them. Thus I have always used only one brand. But this brand gave me no problem and they have been great. They have a very minimal & simple packaging. They are very thin compared to other brands and feel very soft almost like fabric. They are very comfortable and are good for medium to light periods. I do have quite heavy first 2 days and I was changing them often. I would be very happy to switch to this brand sooner than later and wish they would be easily available in supermarkets.

    Super impressed, very comfortable and absorbent

    I received a pack of these regular pads at the recent Best in Beauty event (thanks BH and Lovekins!). I was a bit sceptical when I opened up one of the pads as it was super thin and light, and I tend to have quite heavy flow on the first two days. What was immediately obvious is that the material is very soft, almost like fabric, and very comfortable. I was expecting to have to replace the pad after a couple of hours but I was surprised that I felt quite dry, and only had to change after four hours. This is definitely a superior product, unlike any other pads that Ive tried. Sadly, there arent many stockists and it is something Id like to be able to pick up at the local supermarket. Im hoping that the brand will grow into mainstream retailers.

    Weightless pads

    Thankyou beauty heaven for inviting me to try the range , and Sorry I was waiting and waiting for my period to come ,hence why I am late to post my review. 6 weeks later it finally came .... I only had to use the regular pads . My experience was positive. These are individually wrapped in a pack of 10 . I personally found it difficult to open each pad , which isnt good when your in a hurry to get it on your undies ,that would have been the only flaw for my thoughts on the product. I love the fact that they are made with Australian cotton . They have a light weight feel while I wore it . It didnt feel like I was wearing a nappy while at work . The Absorption rating I would give 5 stars . I felt dry all day long while having to sit at a desk all day isnt fun on your monthlys , I would say I was confident that I wasnt going to have to change it until I got home at the and if the day . I would definitely buy this range as it is supporting Australia by using Australian cotton.