4 Tips for Natural Baby Skin Care

Your newborn’s skin is precious and very delicate therefore it needs to be treated differently to an older child or an adult’s skin. Baby skin is beautiful, plump and naturally smooth, full of moisture and life. Exposure to the sun, pollutants, chemicals and a myriad of other factors, all result in a loss of that perfectly soft baby skin as your child grows.

Here are 4 tips that will help you to maintain your baby’s beautiful soft skin.

Bathing tips for your baby

For many years, new mothers have been told to bathe their baby every single day. Current recommendations lean more towards every other day or even three times a week. This is because too much bathing will wash away the natural protective oils in your baby’s skin and can make their skin quite dry.

When baby’s skin looks and feels dry, moisturising is key, however with newborns – the old adage ‘less is more’ is very apt. To help keep your baby’s skin hydrated avoid using soap and choose a mild liquid cleanser that is all natural and free from any harsh chemicals.

Nappy change tips

If you use cloth nappies, make sure that you use a detergent that is safe for your baby’s skin with no toxic chemicals and leave them on a long rinse cycle as well.

Always clean and dry your baby’s bottom thoroughly using gentle disposable baby wipes preferably unscented. Keeping your baby’s bottom clean and dry will avoid the likely occurrence of nappy rash. Ensure your baby’s skin is protected from nappy rash by applying an appropriate barrier cream. Check for ingredients that do not contain alcohol, parabens and sulphates.

On occasion, allow your baby nappy free time 5-10 mins after a nappy change. The fresh air will allow your baby’s skin to breathe and keep it healthy.

Selecting baby skin care products

The delicacy of your baby’s skin means that it is necessary to avoid all harsh chemicals in any of the skin care products you use. Chemicals to avoid include artificial colours and fragrances, parabens, sulphates, formaldehyde, petrochemicals and phthalates.

Sun protection for your baby

It is essential that you protect your baby from the damaging effects of UV rays, particularly when they are newborns because they do not have sufficient melanin in their skin to cope with the sun. Dress your baby in lightweight clothes which cover their arms and legs, along with a hat is paramount.

Sunscreen should not be applied to baby’s skin until they are at least six months of age, because their skin is too sensitive to cope with the ingredients. Choose a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. Sunscreens containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are natural based sunscreens and gentler on babies and young children’s skin. Once old enough for sunscreen, be careful to read the labels and avoid products that have benzophenone, PABA, avobenzone, homosalate and methoxycinnamate, all of which are chemicals and have been linked to cancer.

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